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Cave of Antiparos

Cave of Antiparos is one of the most beautiful and most important of the world. This is because, besides a magical natural attraction, it is closely connected with the history of the place and provokes great archaeological interest due to the findings of the stone age discovered inside it. The engraved inscriptions that “decorate” it is an inexhaustible source of stories, legends and information about its famous – and non – visitors – as a book of impressions, whose first page was written hundreds of years before the birth of Christ.

“Katafygi”, as the locals call it, is decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, which change form, depending on the inspiration of the visitor. It is located 171 meters above sea level, it is boring and its temperature in winter varies between 15 degrees Celsius. It has an area of about 5,600 square meters. Its maximum depth reaches about 85 meters and the downhill can be easily and safely done through a 411-foot cement staircase. Exceptional visibility allows observation of the detail of the artist’s nature and the search for the human presence from the time of the Parisian poet Archilochus (728 – 650 BC) until the twentieth century.

Cave of Antiparos

Antiparos lounge beach

Antiparos lounge beach provides the best quality sunbets and big poofs with delivery services of drinks and food. A company of Antiparos luxury apartments.

Agios Spyridonas

Kite Center


Welcome to Paros Kite Resort! Home of Kiteboarding World Tours and a world-class Kitesurf training spot all year round. With a long shallow-watered shoreline, sandy bottom and perfect side shore wind conditions, Paros Kite is an ideal spot for beginners, intermediate, or advanced Kitesurfers as well as Windsurfers.


Despotico Apollo's sanctuary

Despotiko island

Recent excavations on Despotiko have uncovered a previously unknown Apollo’s sanctuary that has produced a great variety of archaeological finds, including marble sculptures, gold and bronze jewelry, faience scarabs and statuettes and a remarkable clay statuette representing a female goddess dating to ca 650 B.C.


The Kastro of Antiparos, which was built by the nobleman Loredano, constitutes the settlement itself. It is a single, autonomous, residential unit. The whole complex was arranged around a square courtyard, in the middle of which rose a central tower. The base is what remains today of this tower. The perimeter was composed of 24 two-storey dwellings with a continuous, high external wall with a width of three metres, without balconies or large windows adorning its facade. Access to these houses with their marble doorframes was through the interior courtyard; and there was only one exit, on the southern side, secured by a Gothic gateway that has survived to this day. Later, 24 two-storey residences were built around this central nucleus, and this new quarter was named Ksopyrgo [outside the tower].

Chora of Antiparos

Paros National Airport

Antiparos heliport

Antiparos 840 07, Greece

Museum of Cycladic Folklore

Anti Art Gallery

“Anti” Art Gallery is located in a renovated, ‘Greek island style’ building in the picturesque Castle area of the town of Antiparos. It operates from spring to fall and hosts various exhibitions from young & established artists from Greece and the international art scene.

Art exhibitions include paintings, ceramics, sculpture & photography.

Every July, anti gallery organizes the Antiparos Photo Festival showcasing classic & contemporary photography.

• For more information about the gallery, visit:

Antiparos 840 07, Greece

 Antiparos Agios, Georgios, 84007, Greece

+30 6972085183
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